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The Corte Ingles

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el Corte InglésYou'll notice by walking through the streets of Valencia that its people, like all Spaniards love hanging out in the Corte Ingles. The mall is definitely the favorite place for shopping for the Valencians.

The name is misleading: the mall, where you can find just about anything, has nothing English but the name, but otherwise it is completely Spanish.

The origin of El Corte Ingles is a small shop of Madrid where they were sewing clothes for children. Born in 1890 and it began to enjoy a certain prestige, to grow and become what is today the group "El Corte Ingles": the first group of distribution in Spain, composed of various companies, the second family businesses in Spain and Spanish private independant company.

Addresses of El Corte Ingles in Valencia:

  • Colón, 1, Valencia
  • Jorge Juan, 19, Valencia
  • Menéndez Pidal, 15, Valencia
  • Pintor Sorolla, 26, Valencia
  • Colón 27, Valencia
  • Avenida Pío XII, 1, Valencia

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