The Campus of Blasco Ibañez and the university area

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valenciaThe long avenue of Blasco Ibañez is one of the three campuses in which is a part of the University of Valencia. The other are the campus of Tarongers, not far from Blasco Ibañez, where are located the faculties of Law and Economics, and the campus of Burjassot, which is several kilometres far from Valencia and is home to the faculties of chemistry, physic, biology, mathematics and pharmacy.

By walking on this street, you can find the faculties of Geography and History, Philosophy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Philology, translation and communication.

The area between Blasco Ibañez and Algirós is theone students prefer to find a flat, because of its closeness to the majority of faculties and its low prices. If you stay in this neighbourhood, you will have to look a the rental council in Plaza Honduras, Plaza del Cedro, Plaza Xúquer, Mestalla, Manuel Candela o Calle Polo y Peyrolon, the street where are concentrated most of the pubs and disco-pubs of the student nightlife. From the Café Tucan to the Black Note, From Aguacates to Walk About or Caribean, join the flow of people and you will certainly find your favorite music and ambient.

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