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Still time to sign up at the university of valencia

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The University reopened its doors on Tuesday, September 13 and offers 212 more seats in the inscriptions of September.

Tuesday, September 13th marked the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012 at the University of Valencia and the registration process is still open at this time while nearly 8,500 new students have already begun to attend classes at university and while the results of admission tests will not be available until September 19.

In Spain, students who passed their Bac can sign up as many subjects as desired at university. Each training section in September decides of a minimum score obtained in the Bac according to the number of places available to validate the registration of the student. At the time of the pre-selection in June, the University of Valencia filled all available seats. But knowing that some students had signed up in several different trainings and then made a choice, there are now vacancies.

The University offers a total of 212 seats in 14 courses. Finance and Accounting, Ontinyent, bringing together 30 seats Computer Chemical Engineering (5 seats) Engineering (5), Electronic Communication Engineering (30), Industrial Electronics Engineering (5), Telematics Engineering (30), Pharmacy (5 ), Human Nutrition and Dietetics (30); Catalan Studies (5), Philosophy (15), Education (5), optometry (10), chemistry (25), Speech (5), and primary education, 12 beds but only for elite athletes.

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