The spanish universitary system

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Diplomas in Spain and in United Kingdom don't need necessarily the same years number. It exists different degrees as in UK :

  • Diplomado : It takes two or three years.
  • Licenciado : It is equivalent to the Bachelor in UK, but it is a little bit longer with four or five years of studies.
  • Magister ou diploma especializada : It is the same than the Master, it is in two or three years. There is not really an equivalent for the Bachelor of Honour.
  • Doctorado : It is like the British doctorate, and there are two or three more years after the Magister.

Different types of asignaturas (subjects) :

  •  asignaturas troncales : They are common subjects in all the Universities (public, private or religious) and it depends on what you are studying.
  • asignaturas obligatorias : Students are obligated to attend some subjects if they are in the same course of study. Nevertheless, those subjects can change to one University to another.
  • asignaturas optativas : They are subjects that the University choose freely. they allow student to specialized themselves for their future career.
  •  asignaturas de libre elección: They can be other subjects, seminars or sportive and artistic activities.


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