The meals a la spanish way

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For you who are visiting Spain, perhaps for the first time, you'll have to get used to a different rhythm of life. In Spain, the meals come with two hours of delay. Accept the new rules and you'll be surprised how quickly you can get used to new schedule

El desayuno (the breakfast) tasse de cafe

Breakfast is the only meal that Spanish people take at the same time than us, in the morning before work.

  • Coffee of course to start the day. The Spanish love it.
  • Toast, croissants or even pan tomaca. These are diced fresh tomatoes in a little olive oil on toast.
  • For those with more time or simply with more appetite in the morning, there are the churros. They are made from fried dough and are usually sprinkled with sugar and then dunked in a cup of hot chocolate. To try it, go to any Churreria in your neighborhood.

El almuerzo (the morning snack) sandwich

It is the meal taken between 10:30 and noon and it is typically Spanish. People go either at the local café or to the kitchen of their company according to the time of break they have. But one thing is certain, there is always some time for the almuerzo.

  • A bocadillo is a sandwich with ham, chorizo, cheese or whatever you can imagine.
  • Some make themselves the empanadas, made flaky pastry filled with meat, tuna, spinach or mushrooms ... But most of the people get them from the local bakery.
  • It is possible to meet colleagues with a slice of pizza.
  • And of course the option of fruit is always there for the most reasonable.

La comida (The lunch)burger frites

In Spain, lunch is usually between between 2pm and 4pm and is quite heavy. When Spanish people are eating out and generally order the menu of the day, which vary between 7 and 15 € or they brought a good picnic. And keep in mind that the shops are closed from 2 to 5pm because the naptime is not a legend.

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plateau de fruits

La merienda (The afternoon snack)

It is actuallyonly a way to wait for dinner. It is taken in the afternoon when you get home.

  • A small sandwich like for almuerzo
  • A fruit and a hot drink.

La cena (The diner)plats d'olives

This is certainly the meal which the schedule is the most difficult to adapt to. They usually dine between 9pm and 10.30pm. Moreover, you will notice very quickly that restaurants rarely open their doors before 8 pm. And on weekends, it is not unusual to see people sitting down to eat after midnight.

  • Salad, soup or a sandwich for those who eat light.
  • Tapas are fun to eat with a drink.

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