Restaurants nice and cheap in Valencia

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tavolo di un ristorante

Eating out in Valencia can be really cheap.
The today's menus are really affordable, between 7 and € 12 for the 3 course-meal, often with drinks included. You can also find the menus in the evening between 12 and 16 €.

We show you a list of restaurants with prices between 8.50 and 13 euros. Some of these restaurants also offer vegetarian and oriental food.

The only recommendation is to look first if the fruits, drinks and coffee are included in the price of the menu.

  1. Casa Paquito
  2. El Refugio
  3. Tastaolletes
  4. El Delicat
  5. La Taska. Sidrería
  6. La Pitusa
  7. Atmosphèr
  8. Banyan
  9. Cantina Mimmo

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