The horror circus

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affiche du cirque des horreurs a valenceFrom October 11 until November 6th comes the circus tent of horrors (the Palau Reina Sofia near the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia)
This show combines the arts of theater, circus and cabaret.

You will find the sensuality of the cabaret in some shows in the relationship and interaction with the public, in the sense of humor, too. The show recreates an ancient cemetery gothic, half lost and abandoned, which dates back to the early nineteenth century. Gargoyles, tombstones covered with moss and mildew, and other significant elements, as well as the continuous sound of rain create a dark and cold atmosphere of unease.

It all starts on a stormy night in the cemetery of horrors. In the distance we heard a train approaching, then the whistles of the steam and then the screech of brakes. It is because of the collapse of a passenger with his suitcase. the entrance to an ancient cemetery that freezes the blood. Pictures of gargoyles and gravestones ...

Dates of performance:

10/11/11 19:00
12/10/11 17:00
13.10.11 20:30 h
14/10/11 19:00

11.10.11 22:00 h
12/10/11 20:00
10.14.11 22:00 h
10/15/11 19:00
10.15.11 22:00 h
16/10/11 17:00
16/10/11 20:00

The show is not recommended for children under 8 years
Purchase tickets at El Corte Inglés from 15 €

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