The day of the bike in Valencia

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Sunday, September 18, under the slogan "Pedal for Kids", the streets of Valencia will be full of cyclists.

The fifteenthaffiche de lajournee du dia de la bicicleta edition of the day of the bike organized by the Bici-ClubValencia, the Municipal Sports Foundation and El Corte Inglés in the context of the European week of mobility, will take place over a distance of 10 km starting from the Paseo de l 'Alameda, at 10 am. Participants will pass by the Avenida del Puerto, the streets of Juan Verdaguer and Menorca, Formula 1, and the place of Europe under the theme of a day dedicated to solidarity and without any spirit of competition.

El Corte Ingles is sponsoring the event with "teddy bears of solidarity", on sale 18 days in all El Corte Ingles. Cyclists can hang them on their bike during their tour. A bear costs 7 Euros which will be donated to benefit the Unicef. With this money you can buy up to 42 vaccine against measles, 700 doses of vitamin A that helps fight childhood blindness, or 4 bags of milk powder for the treatment of malnutrition. In addition, treatment comprehensive streamlining the acute malnutrition back only 42 euros, or 6 teddy bears.

Another way to participate in the event is through mobile phones, and requires a small financial contribution to the work of UNICEF by sending an SMS with the word BIKE to the number 28028.

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