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La tomatina

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The history of the Tomatina:

It all began in 1945, when a group of Buñol young guys were getting bored on the square of the village and decided to trouble a procession of giants and musicians. One participant got hurt and ended up on the floor, and totally mad began throwing at his assailants everything that comes to hand. There was a green grocer nearby ... A general battle burst. Only the intervention of local authorities stopped the tomatoes battle.

The following year, the young people repeted the altercation with their own tomatoes. Although the police intervened each year, the tradition has continued. In the early 50s, the Tomatina is prohibited which did not prevent participants from returning, fighting and being arrested. But what has become already a celebration is repeated every year and the event attracted more and more participants.

In 1955, the battle is canceled again, so they decided to organize the funeral of a tomato in protest. A funeral march is played by orchestre and a big tomato is put inside a coffin. It was really successful. Finally, in 1957 the Tomatina is recognized and considered as an established party. Since then, the City Council of Buñol, which organizes this strange battle and promotes worldwide.

The event is becoming popular in the rest of Spain through the story of Javier Basilio in a weekly broadcast in Spain. Since 1980, the city of Buñol is the supplier of tomatoes for all participants. Year after year the event grows in attendance and enthusiasm. The success led to the Tomatina of Buñol to be considered since August 2002 as a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest by the General Secretariat of Tourism.

The rules of the Tomatina:

  1. Do not bring bottles or hard objects that can cause accidents and damage to other participants
  2. Do not tear or throw T-shirts
  3. Flatten the tomatoes before throwing, so that the knock is less powerful
  4. Keep a safe distance from trucks
  5. Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the blow of the second carcasa


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