Calle Caballeros and Plaza Tossal

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There are no doubts that the Calle Caballeros, the street which links Plaza de la Virgen and Plaza Tossal, is the beating heart of the Carmen District.

In the morning, walking along this street, you can see the Palacio de la Generalitat, headquarter of the valencian government, the Teather and the Church of San Nicolas.

At night, especially during the week end, Calle Caballeros turns in the most important "stage" of the valencian nightlife: it's impossible not join the hundreds of students who constantly gets in and out from the pubs spread on this street.

Some advice? Fox Congo, Bolseria and Radio City, for differents ambient and music, organize weekly specials Erasmus parties, internationals parties and live music. Usually, the entrance for this clubs is free.

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