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October 9th : Day of the Valencian community

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drapeau valenceOctober the 9th is the day of entrance of the King Jacques the Conqueror in the city of Valencia. Each year, Valencian people celebrate their city from the time Valencia got its autonomous status.

All events organized on this occasion happen in front of the Valencian flag, the Senyera. Since 1365, the flag is taken out of the museum for the occasion, and taken down from the balcony of the Ayuntamiento (City Hall). Tradition says that this flag will never bow before anyone.

A procession through the city center starting from la plaza del ayuntamiento to the cathedral where is celebrated a "Te Deum". The procession then moved to the "parterre" where stands the equestrian statue of King Jacques to whom is offered laurel wreaths. The procession ends with the flag's return to the museum. ,

October 9 is also the day of Saint Donis, considered as the day of lovers in Valencia. According to tradition, the Valencians offer to the woman they love the Mocador, a sweet bread made ​​from natural products, mainly from marzipan.

The program the day of the Valencian Community

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