Quiz: Are you a true Valencian?

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fallasAnswer quickly to these 20 questions to see if you REALLY know Valencia.

Between 0-10: You're a Guiri. You enjoy living in Valencia as you would if you were on vacation in the city. You go out, but you do not like venturing off the beaten track. You have more friends Erasmus and international than locals.

Between 10 -15: You are Spanish. You like to experience the culture of Spain. You are also interested in cultural activities and you are curious to learn new things. You meet a lot of Spanish and you make friends with them.

Between 15-20: You are a Valencian. The city has no secrets for you, Valencia is like a second home. You can even show some pride about your new city, Valencia. You spend as much time with Spanish as with Erasmus. Bravo!

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