Gianni Pittella : We must increase the Erasmus grant

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On October, 4th we interviewed in Brussels, Gianni Pittella, Vice President of the European Parliament. Among the topics of the interview there was also the Erasmus programme.

Vicepresidente del Parlamento europeoStudents who choose to participate in the Erasmus program are becoming more numerous, but what they receive as scholarship is very little and they always only receive it when they return. Can you do something to improve this?

We must do something because what the Erasmus students receive is too low. We need to increase the EU budget, if we want to prove that it is not only words.

We have a Community budget of only 130-140 billion per year and this budget must meet the needs of all 27 countries.
We want Europe to take care of all policies of all 27 countries and it is clear that, with 130-140 billion, we cannot give a good answer to everyone.

My proposal is to increase the budget: to collect financial capital of one trillion per year through Eurobonds. All this money, we must invest in human capital. That's the way out of the crisis and to make Europe stronger: investing in young people.

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