Valenciano: another official language

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Did you know that in the community of Valencia, there were two official languages? Castilian (Spanish) and Valencian (very close to Catalan). In everyday life, at work, they  prefer the use of Castilian, but in some families and even in some schools, they only speak Valencian.  You will find most valencian speakers on the east coast and the castilian speakers, in the West.

Often you will hear the general term Catalan to refer to the Valencian. It is a controversial issue for some. There is indeed a language debate as to whether the Valencian is version of Catalan. It should not bother you, just remember that you will hear the same language in Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Eivissa (Ibiza).

Valencian schools

From the legal point of view, the Generalitat Valenciana (Government) is fully competent in all levels of education. Since 1991, parents are free to choose the official language of schooling of their children. So there are also private schools where everything is taught in Valenciano to meet the demand of some families. This decision is seen by some as a demonstration of elitism and isolationism.  Although the main language of instruction remains the Castilian (Spanish), since the 80's, there is a significant return of the Valencian language in the schools and even more since the creation of schools networks called Linies in Valencia (Increasing of 30% of attendance in classes given only in Valenciano between the years 1983 in 1993). Up to 14 years, the Valencian is the dominant language of instruction in some schools and is a compulsory subject in all schools, except in districts castillophones.

poupee fallera muñecaUseful vocabulary in Valenciano:

  • Hello: Hola
  • Good Morning! : Bon dia
  • How are you ?: Com estàs?
  • Comment t'appelles tu?: Com et diuen?
  • Where are you from ?: D'on eres?
  • Thank you very much: moltes gràcies
  • Excuse me: perdó
  • I am a student : sóc estudiant
  • I am learning Valenciano: estic aprenent Valencià

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