The bullfighting in Valencia

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Un toréador en actionBullfighting is not as important in the life and the culture of Valencia as it can be in other parts of Spain but this sporting event still retains a high degree of importance. Bullfights take place in Valencia from March to October but we advise you to go there during the major festivals of Valencia where the best bullfighters of Spain come to demonstrate their talents. For example, during the Fallas or the Feria in July, several bullfights are held in addition to the celebrations. Finally, the October Feria is a festival dedicated exclusively to this typically Spanish cultural activity.

The bullfights are held in the arena of the Plaza de Toros de Valencia. The neo-classical style building was built in 1861. If you are not interested in bullfighting, we invite you to visit the free museum inside the arena and you go to another cultural activity, such as a concert and a circus to take advantage of the architecture s'aparente colyseum to that of Rome.


Want to attend a bullfight? :

Plaza de Toros de Valencia
c / Alicante (right next to the Gare du Nord)
Tel: 963 51 93 15
Metro stop: Xátiva

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