The Spanish habits

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carte de l'espagnoleSchedules:

You will notice quickly that the Spanish have a different pace of life here. Less stressed, less anxious, although the city is busy, people are definitely more flexible when it comes to schedules and faces also seem more relaxed. Note also that the day ends later this influence dinner time.

The almuerzo:

Spanish people eat breakfast early in the morning at home or enjoying on a terrace in a cafe. Between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock, comes the time for almuerzo. They usually have a piece of cake or a sanwich to wait until lunch at 2 o'clock.  In general, around 4 o'clock they have a snack. And they have dinner around  9. This difference of schedule requires a little adjustment period, but nothing prevents you from keeping your habits if you want.

The lifestyle:

Beach culture explains why the Valencian people are very sporty. We meet gym centers at all street corners. Cyclists and joggers are all over the city. Group lessons outdoors, water sports, various clubs and associations ... There's something for everyone.

Nap culture:

Between 2 and 5 o'clock, Valencia takes a nap. More than a tradition, a sacred time. But if you havethings to do, you'll have to wait until the stores reopen their doors. Do not worry, shops close late.


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