The Albufera

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tramonto sull'Albufera

If  you come to Valencia, whether for a weekend or a year, you must visit the Albufera parc. This Mediterranean freshwater lake of  is one of the largest in Europe and its surrounding landscape is the pride of the Valencian Community.

The Albufera was declared nature park in 1986 andis located at the limits of city of Valencia.  It starts at the mouth of the River Turia and goes until the river Xúquer. The lake waters meet the sea by dams Perelló, Perellonet and Pujol. The two lattest are artificial and help to regulate the flow of water according to the needs of rice farmers ancestors.

In the park of the Albufera, you can take a boat ride: you will always find a place in the boat, the boatmen to take you for a ride for a few euros. This is an opportunity to discuss during the walk about the beauty of the lake and its various species. The park of the Albufera shelter 31 species of marine fish and river and nearly 250 species of birds. In addition, the park is an obligatory point of passage for thousands of birds in their migration between Europe and Africa. The opportunity to see these beautiful birdstaking a break  in their journey.

The Albufera is also an ideal place to enjoy two jewels of the Valencian cuisine: rice and eel.

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