Cineclub : Free projection about human rights

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affiche de 2 ciclo de cine sobre derechos humanosCinema is also a school of human rights. Therefore, Amnesty International has planned a serie of films dealing with different topics. Each movie is a response to one of the campaigns for the defense of human rights agitated by Amnesty International.

The movies will be projected in the large auditorium at the University of Valencia, the Nau at 7pm, one Wednesday a month. The entrance is free.

Program of cinéma cycle about human rights

Campaign against racism

September 21, 2011: Bwana.

Campaign against death penalty

- October 19, 2011:  A short film about killing

Campaign against women discrimination

- November 16, 2011: Persépolis.

Campaign for Dignity

- December 14, 2011: Darwin's nightmare

-  Januari 18, 2012 :  Radio favela.

- Februari 15, 2012: Frozen river.

Women's Day

- March 7, 2012: Thelma et Louise.


- April 18, 2012: Osama.

Campaigns in some countries : The US

- May 16, 2012: Redacted.

Sexual diversity

- 13 juin 2012: Strawberry and chocolate

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