The agua de Valencia

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cocktel alcolico all'arancia

The Agua de Valencia is a cocktail made of orange juice, cava (a Spanish sparkling wine) and vodka. It is usually served in jugs of different sizes and cocktail glasses.

We owe this invention to Constant Gil who, it is said, have prepared it for the first time in 1959 at the Café de Madrid in Valencia. According to legend, the bartender had prepared the Agua de Valencia to provide another drink to some customers from Basque. But it has not attributed the authorship when he was alive.

The Agua de Valencia began to be moreand more common in the 70's and since then drinking it in the hot nights of Valencia has become a habit. Generally, the Agua of Valencia is a cocktail you order in groups to foster social relationships.

But choose carefully where you will drink the Agua de Valencia, because all do not follow the original recipe and of course the cocktail loses its quality. Ask first if the recipe is the original one and do not hesitate to change of place if it is not the case.
Here are the "secrets" to get a perfect agua de Valencia:

use of Valencia oranges in season.

Do not use orange liqueur because it would lose its natural taste

A good white liquor qulité improves that of the cocktail

If you prefer dry drink alcohol, do not add sugar but prefer rather dry Cava Brut.

it is best to prepare the water in Valencia ahead to chill in the refrigerator until you need it, so that the flavors blend together will be perfect. Before serving, mix with a spoon without agitate.

There are variants of the Agua de Valencia, Agua di Murcia (lemon sorbet), the Copa Roja e Cahipiragua it.

Water of Valencia has also inspired other bartenders who called their drinks Agua Malvarrosa the champú, the Agua de Sevilla and many other waters with names of cities around the world.


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