Where can you practice sport?

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Valencians are very sporty, and if you want to continue to practice sport or if you want to start, the city has much to offer you.

  • Dance: Some salsa bars allow you to take courses only for the price of a beer.
  • Fitness: There's something for every price, but here is a list of the cheapest. Moreover, the university students have a sports complex for a very reasonable price.
  • Abastos: 963 130 049 C / Alberi, 18

Polideportivo Municipal del carmen                                                                               963911862                                                                                                             Chiarraí Dr. Valencia 7, 46003
Distrito: Ciutat Vella - Barrio Del Carmen

  • Footing: You can train yourself in the beautiful park of Turia, at the beach or even in town.
  • Yoga : Courses are given in fitness centers but you will also find classes in Russafa or in Carmen.

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