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The water in Spain

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In Spain, water consumption is closely linked to climate. Drought and the landscape leads regulary to water shortages. Half of the 45 million Spaniards is living on the Mediterranean arc, on the coast or within the coastal provinces. But this is the part of Spain the least watered by the rains. Initiatives such as a plan to build sea water desalination factories are intended to remedy the situation. Spain ranks in the top five users of desalination technology in the world, behind Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States. However, if the idea is popular, it has its detractors. Indeed, environmental NGOs consider this option too easy and encourage to build a plan for a better management and conservation of drinking water.

robinetThere is drinking water throughout the Spanish territory. We consider as drinking water, the water that meets the safety standards. The strong taste of tap water explains that consumption of bottled water is widespread, especially on the coast and the Spanish islands. We advise you to drink a lot of water daily, minimum 2 liters per day, or more in summer. And if you do not like the taste of tap water, there are purifiers with filters. The investment may seem important but it is more environmentally friendly and convenient. You will not need to carry your bottles of 5 liters of water returning from the market.

Families who live in villages in the Valencian region fetch water directly from the springs. For example, the village named Naquera gets its water from the spring "Font de l'or", the village Serra from the Subida al Garbi, the prings Benissano and the Al puente provide water to two villages named like them.

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