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The social car

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logo de social carThis is the first service of car renting from person to person (P2P) in Spain. The idea is to allow private car owners to rent their vehicle during the hours it used to be parked up.

This online service pools informations of a community of drivers with available cars that meet the established requirements of security.



For the owners

The owner is free to accept or reject a reservation request and establish service pricing. But the site gives ideas of basic prices and provides adequate insurance to such services, like a technical assistance if required.

For those who need a vehicle

This system allows them to save money, choose the car that they have the need, when they need it and àl'endroit where they need it.

The goal is to provide sustainable mobility and alternative models to traditional transport. Through the interaction of community members, they seek the reduction of CO2 emissions, particulates and are promoting the intelligent use of the car.

SOCIAL MISSION CAR is to provide a transport service management efficient and flexible, depending on the current challenges of mobility.

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