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logo bioparcThe biopark of Valencia is a zoo of more than 100,000 square meters, which houses species of equatorial Africa, the African savannah and Madagascar.

No cages but everything designed to give the possibility to people to see the animals from the smallest to the biggest, from the most curious the most shy, all in a recreation of their natural habitat. Expect a visit of about three hours.

Each zone has been reproduced in respect to the original vegetation of the region but in harmony with the local vegetation. Reproductions or replicas as large boulders, caves and giant baobabs make the atmosphere even more authentic.

In the center of the park stands the amphitheater with a capacity of 1000 people, which offers visitors the opportunity to observe the behavior of birds and mammals.


Avenida Pio Baroja, 3
46015 Valencia
Phone: 902 250 340
Official website:

Bioparc Price:

General: € 21.50
Children: € 16.00
Retired: € 16.50
Group: € 17.00


Winter: 10 to 18h
Summer: 10 to 21 h

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